New international relations: main trends and challenges for Russia

editor А. Lukin New international relations: main trends and challenges for Russia
Author: Lukin A.
Year: 2018
Pages: 592
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 70х100/16
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1578-8

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The collective monograph contains conclusions drawn up by leading Russian international relations scholars on a wide range of topics: the characteristics of the development of the post bipolar system, Russia’s efforts to define and reconsider its own position in that system, and the current challenges in Russia’s foreign policy. What is the nature of today’s international relations structure, what direction is it developing in, how close has it come to becoming truly multipolar, what are Russia’s national interests in the current climate, can Russia turn into an independent centre of power and what is the optimal course for it to take in foreign policy? The leading Russian international relations experts answer these questions and others central to the Russian study of international relations and diplomatic practice. The monograph is made up of two parts: the first treats key issues in forming a new world order and Russia’s role in this process, and the second examines Russia’s foreign policy, its strategy and tactics in regions of the globe that are most important for Russia and its relations with leading actors in world politics.

The monograph is aimed at a wide readership with an emphasis on political scientists, international relations experts, oreintalists, historians, journalists. It will also be of interest to students studying international relations and Russia’s foreign policy.