Espionage: faces and personalities. – 3rd ed.

Kirpichenko V. Espionage: faces and personalities. – 3rd ed.
Author: Kirpichenko V.
Year: 2017
Pages: 400 pp.; illus.
Cover: hard cover
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1562-7

350 rub.

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The previous editions of this book were given very good reviews by general readers and specialists alike: V.A. Kirpichenko was awarded a laureate by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service for the best book in literature and the arts about Russian foreign intelligence. His longstanding presence at the helm of this service (from 1979–1991 V.A. Kirpichenko was the first deputy head of the PGU KGB of the USSR – First Chief Directorate of the Committee for State Security) allowed him to create a gallery of memorable portraits of intelligence officers, including KGB chairmen and foreign intelligence officers, unsung heroes and infamous traitors.

The book also reveals genuine facts that explain many dramatic episodes in modern history including events leading to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.