Turnout in Zurich. Secret no rules fighting in the Alps: versions, riddles, discrepancies

Kuznetsov V. Turnout in Zurich. Secret no rules fighting in the Alps: versions, riddles, discrepancies
Author: Kuznetsov V.
Year: 2018
Pages: 408; ILLUS.
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 60x90/16
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1593-1

350 rub.

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Switzerland has long since served as a fighting ring for intelligence services around the world – the United States, Israel, the Near East, France and other European states. Unexpected deaths and inexplicable events behind the scenes afford a landscape where the imagination can run rife. The death of a London-based Soviet specialist in his hotel bath in Switzerland is still a mystery to this day. And how did the “Dora” group, under legendary Soviet spy, Sándor Radó, manage to relay invaluable information about the Wehrmacht during the difficult days of war? The mysterious “Lucy” Rudolf Roessler, who blatantly infringed every rule and canon in the spy’s code of conduct, took that page of history away with his own passing. The archives are still tight-lipped about how the young Soviet intelligence service wanted to recruit Hitler, sending Churchill’s cousin, a beauty in London’s high society, to carry out the task. How? More about that in the book. And what about the comical incident when a Swiss technician burned newspapers instead of sketches, and sold the sketches of a French fighter plane to Israel? You can find out about this and much more in the investigation of Switzerland’s secret labyrinths, Somerset Maugham, an intelligence officer in revolutionary Petrograd, who swapped the role of cloak-and-dagger knight for the writer’s plume, Graham Greene, how the elusive Kim Philby became a double agent for Hitler’s counter-espionage and the FBI.
Make yourselves comfortable in an armchair and get ready to read a book which is no less captivating than a detective.