T. Gladkov Its majesty Agent  2nd ed., revised

Its majesty Agent  2nd ed., revised

T. Gladkov


       Theodor Gladkov's book, the famous historian and the writer, the author of many works about life and work of intelligence agents, and is devoted this time to the person of unique service.

Willie Lehman is the veteran of NSDAP, the senior officer of Gestapo, the curator of the defensive industry of military construction of Germany. It is an agent of the Soviet foreign intelligence of A/201, Braytenbakh for long and terrible 12 years transferring to the Center invaluable data on development and strengthening of the fascist mode, on large-scale preparations for establishment of world supremacy, on active accumulation of military potential and on the latest technical developments.

In the book which the reader holds in hand, there are also no shares of author's fiction, only the facts of a strange story of the surprising person which life and a feat lost a signature stamp "Top secret" only in June, 2009.